Beware of look-alike, counterfeit products appearing to be Offshore Classics Originals.

Offshore Classics has worked hard for over 16 years to build American-made, high quality Salt & Pepper Grinders, as well as other nautical gift products that give the user a good value for their hard earned dollars.

Our products, sold worldwide, have appeared on display at many boating, galley and other houseware shows by reputable retailers, who have purchased direct from us.

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of our products, it appears that at least one of our items is now being copied by an unknown company in China and being sold by one of our previously authorized retailers.

Though the knockoffs of our popular Reel Salt & Pepper Grinder look strikingly similar to our product, they are usually made with inferior materials and the quality is sub-par, at best. To an unaware consumer, they may appear to be the same product. On web images, the knockoff Grinders cannot be easily distinguished from the real thing. When handling, however, the shoddy workmanship, lack of quality and inferior performance is obvious.

These knockoffs are insulting to our brand name! We have taken pride in the fact that the Offshore Classics products are, by far, the premier quality nautical Salt & Pepper Grinders. To suggest that we would design and manufacture junk, is doubly insulting.

To ensure that you are getting an authentic Offshore Classics Original product, please note the following:

The above items should allow you to identify an authentic Offshore Classics product. There is no need for us to provide more information regarding the inferior metals, construction or anodizing as that is not our intent. We want to educate the consumer to distinguish our products from counterfeit, inferior products, designed simply to deceive the consumer!

Protect Yourself. How can the consumer know what is a genuine Offshore Classics Originals product? Keep the following points in mind when anticipating a purchase:

We are all hurt by these overseas factories that are producing shoddy products, as well as the domestic retailers that choose to sell them. Not only is the original manufacturer's reputation at stake, but legitimate dealers lose sales to lower-priced products. Not to mention the consumer, who takes the risk of serious product defects. The knockoff company is certainly not going to pay damage claims for a failure or injury!

These are NOT the authentic Salt & Pepper Grinders that users tell us they cherish for many, many years. The inferior quality knockoffs usually result in poor performance and a short product life. Our authentic products come with a warranty, with repairs and/or repair parts available indefinitely for a nominal charge. The counterfeit items are basically throw aways. Do you really want to throw away your hard earned dollars to support the immoral and often illegal actions of overseas pirates? Offshore Classics stands behind the quality products that we make. Unfortunately for those that buy the knockoffs, parts and repairs are not available.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. As tempting as that bargain may seem, an educated consumer must shop carefully.

When visiting a retailer, carefully examine the product. Test the grinders to see if the grinding action is smooth and flawless. What are the grinding mechanisms made of?

If you are purchasing online, look for satisfaction-guaranteed return policies. Then you will at least have the option of returning a knockoff product to the retailer, when it doesn't measure up to genuine Offshore Classics quality standards.